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Becoming Instagram Famous is Hard Work

(But You Can Leave That Part To Us.)

SociaLax is an Instagram growth service that grows your Instagram account automatically, so you can spend more time doing the things you want. Our service is trusted by thousands of individuals and businesses who want to boost their online presence. SociaLax automates actions such as liking, following, and commenting to draw the attention of real people to your account. Once they see how awesome your content is, of course they’ll want to follow. Not sure if your content is good? We can help with that too, with personalized 1-on-1 consulting. And that’s how you get REAL growth, REAL fast!

You hear that? That’s the sound of you relaxing, maybe even sippin’ a margarita, while SociaLax does the work for you.

How Does it Work?

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    Sign Up!

    This part is a breeze. Choose the plan you want from our membership page and connect your Instagram account to SociaLax.
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    Find your Target Audience

    Tell us what kind of content your Instagram account has and SociaLax can determine which users would be a fan of your account with our customizable targeting criteria. By targeting the Instagram users who interact with specific usernames, hashtags, locations, and more, your fanbase will grow quickly and organically.
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    SociaLax will automate your activities and begin liking, commenting, and following based on your targeting criteria. When other users receive an Instagram notification from you, they’ll be drawn to your profile and likely follow you back. This leads to fast growth without buying any fake likes or follows.

Who’s this for?

SociaLax is the perfect tool for influencers, business owners, entrepreneurs, innovators, and anyone else who wants to grow their social media presence quickly and effortlessly.

With SociaLax working for you, you can enjoy all the benefits of hard work without all the, well… hard work.


Automate Your Activities with SociaLax

You can automate all your Instagram account activities, such as Liking, Following, Commenting, Geolocating, and Blacklisting with SociaLax.


Your account will ‘like’ the posts of hundreds of targeted users every day. This will result in massive amounts of exposure as you appear in people’s notifications. This is an effective way to grow your Instagram account. You can like photos that use the hashtag #MakeUp, like the photos of all the people who follow Beyoncé, and like all photos geo-tagged at Woody’s Bar.


Following is a very effective method of growing your Instagram. When you follow a user, there’s a very high chance that they’ll following you back. SociaLax lets you follow thousands of targeted accounts non-stop around the clock – and then we’ll unfollow the same accounts afterwards. The accounts you currently follow will be unaffected, as we only unfollow the accounts followed by SociaLax.


You can target and interact with posts based on geo-tagged locations. This may be useful if you want to drive traffic to your local business or if you’re interested in targeting quality users from a certain location. We can even target locations based on your niche. For example, if you own a yoga studio or are a yogi, we can target people who have geo-tagged their media at “CorePower Yoga – Los Angeles”.


By leaving comments on targeted users’ posts, you can get their attention and tell them exactly what you want to say. If you’re a business targeting potential clients – you can comment things like: “Awesome photo, use CODE10 for a 10% discount on my product!” or “DM me for a discount code on our fashion line!” People love receiving comments and they’ll be likely to check out your content or follow your page.


(Optional) – Blacklisting allows you to exclude specific usernames from your activity. This feature is perfect for excluding competitors, ex-lovers, or even your boss from your SociaLax activity. That means you will never follow, unfollow, like, or comment on media from the users on this blacklist. As you know, it could look rather odd for you to comment on your competitors’ posts. Luckily, the Blacklisting feature can prevent that!

Why SociaLax?

We work with celebrities, brand names, startups, and everyday people who want to grow their Instagram followers.

The main appeal of SociaLax is that the followings you’re gaining are real and high quality. There are tons of other sites out there that allow you to buy followers, but they’re usually fake, robotic followers. With SociaLax, you’re connecting with real Instagram users. Our service helps you to build brand loyalty, make new friends, and maintain a healthy and active Instagram account.

Easy to Use

Sit back, relax, and watch your followers grow. There’s nothing to download and everything is totally automated.

1-on-1 consulting

Okay, maybe it’s not all hammocks and relaxing in the sun. The better your page is, the faster you’ll grow (of course!). Make the most out of your Socialax account with our 1-on-1 consulting team, to help you with posting strategies and content creation.

Affordable growth

Socialax is the most affordable growth service on the market that offers both automation tools and a team of marketing professionals. With different plans at varying prices, anyone can afford to reach their goals.

Dedicated support

Social media never sleeps, so neither do we. Socialax works around the clock so you don’t have to. Our support team is ready to help you grow your account 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Adjust your targeting or change your settings any time, any day, with unlimited access to support with no extra fees.

Get Started in 60 Seconds!

That’s all it takes to set-up your account. SociaLax will then automatically perform activites on your behalf and grow your account organically.


Check what’s Our Clients Say about Us.

I find all the tools to be really on point!

Since I switched to sociaLax  about a year ago the results have been amazing. The engagement and growth rate are really the best out there for the price and I find all the tools to be really on point. I highly recommend it and wouldn't use anything else for my social growth tool!

Kate Stanley Mommy Blogger  

I would recommend their services to small and large businesses alike!

"I have been using SociaLax for a few months now and I love it! As a business owner, I am very calculated about the services that I use. I want to make sure that what I am using - WORKS! I have grown THOUSANDS of followers since starting! I chose to work with SociaLax because they were the most transparent of all the companies. They provided me with more targeting and audience options, which allowed me to narrow down my target market. In addition, I receive PERSONAL help from the SociaLax team. If I have questions on how to change my targeting, or wanting to go after certain follower demographics, I just email in and get helped very quickly! I would recommend their services to small and large businesses alike. The boutique style service that they provide is unmatched by any other competitor. "

Adi Haley Co-Founder & CEO  Teami Blends

I'm Blowing Up!

"I've gained over 20,000 new followers since signing up around New Year.. Now my posts average over 1,000 likes and 100 comments each! Brands are reaching out to me and offering to pay me to promote their stuff! I don't think I could have made it this far so quickly without a service like SociaLax!"

Samantha Rose

Eye Opening and Resourceful!

"I spoke with one of their business experts and she explained how I can improve my content and align with my audience in ways that just clicked and made so much sense to me. I now have a clear blueprint for what I need to do to succeed, and I have SociaLax helping my content get seen by much more people and it will be a catalyst for great things to come! I cannot thank you guys enough!"

Home Improvement Hub

Effective and Reliable Service!

"After almost a month of using SociaLax, my likes and comments have doubled! I'm finally getting my account the exposure it deserves. They also provided some helpful advice on what kind of photos to post, and different ways I can monetize my following. I highly recommend using SociaLax if you want to make a name for yourself and build value on Insta!"

Instagram @Dank  

Happy with my Results!

As someone who is really into social media and have been trying to keep consistent with my following. Lately, I felt like I've hit a plateau. I looked into using some sort of service to help me get a bit of a boost with my followers. My first week of using SociaLax, I received about 175+ real followers who were in engaged in liking my Instagram profile. I am so HAPPY with my results from using this service. Seriously these guys rock and have the algorithm down to a tee. I am pleased with the genuine amount of followers they've helped me receive. Highly recommend!